Betco® Stealth™ Automatic Rider Scrubbers

"The World's Quietest Automatic Scrubbers". They utilize Betco's exclusive Noise Reduction Technology and are 4X quieter than other automatic scrubbers. The increased speed with lower water consumption and extended runtime equals unmatched productivity. These simple to operate scrubbers are easy to maintain, clean and sanitize. User friendly layout with variable speed control enhances safety and productivity. Easy to read gauge and meter indicating real time machine status. Scrub motor: 0.75 hp. Vacuum motor: 0.75 hp.


Betco® Stealth™ DRS24BT Auto Rider Scrubber -24", 200AH

24", 200AH, ea
Manufacturer #88065

Betco® Stealth™ DRS24BT Auto Rider Scrubber -24", 235AH

24", 235AH, ea
Manufacturer #87032