Phoenix™ FireBird Electric Heat Drying System

Item # 4027300

  • Powerful, portable and safe BTU's wherever you need them - The FireBird can provide up to 31,000 BTU's of instant heat to speed your drying.
  • Two 8' power cords (1 dryer, 1 range) included with unit
  • Blower: 360 CFM; Filters: Pleated Media MERV-11
  • Phoenix Thermostat with 25' connecting wire with unit
Manufacturer #4027300
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At the 50-amp setting, the FireBird produces 31,000 BTU's – that's 360 CFM with a 80°F temperature rise. Imagine placing the FireBird in an area with below freezing temperatures and instantly producing 360 CFM of air over 100 degrees. Using the 30 amp setting the FireBird produces 18,000 BTU's – providing a 46°F temperature rise. Internal temperature cutouts prevent the FireBird from overheating an area, while the FireBird's included remote thermostat provides a means to control the heat from anywhere in the drying space.


  • Offers multiple heating, ducting, and electrical options for on-demand heating from inside or outside the drying space.
  • Will operate freestanding or with 12-inch flex duct on the inlet and/or outlet to distribute the heat precisely where you need it.
  • Fully NEC compliant for continuous operation and features a built-in 50-amp twist lock receptacle designed to work with standard 30 or 50 amp power sources – select the setting by simply flipping a switch.
  • The FireBird comes standard with two 4-pole grounded power cords, one for 30 amp outlets and one for 50 amp outlets.
  • A Phoenix Thermostat with 25 ft. connecting wire is also included with the unit.
  • Employs a startup delay to prevent the potentially dangerous arcing/sparking that occurs with most other high powered heating devices during plug-in.
  • As an additional safety feature to ensure external surfaces are safe to touch, the heating elements are shielded within a double-walled and screened enclosure.
  • An automatic pressure switch disables the heating elements if intake or exhaust ducts become blocked or airflow is cut off for any reason.
  • Detachable 12" duct collar stores in lid with room for power cords.
  • Stainless steel cabinet.


  • Power: 30 or 50 amp operation; amp selection switch on unit. 30 amp = 46° F temperature rise; 18,000 BTUs. 50 amp = 80°F temperature rise; 31,000 BTUs.
  • Duct Options: Intake: 12" Flex--Duct; Supply: 12" Flex Duct