Pack: 1/CAN

ProRestore® ODORx™ C.O.C™ Crystal Odor Counteractant

Item # 431552901

  • Place-anywhere odor control canisters. Simply remove the lid and set in affected area or sprinkle the granulated product onto surfaces. Cherry.
  • Long-lasting and highly effective on tough odors
  • Individual-use canisters for convenience
6 oz., 12/cs
Manufacturer #431552901
  • Description

Proprietary blend of odor control essential oils and evaporative control agents in a solid crystal form. Sprinkle across floors or placed in HVAC systems ducting. Inserted into difficult to reach areas such as insulation, attics and crawl spaces, and above suspended ceilings. C.O.C. is most effective when used within the Proven Odor Removal System