HydraMaster® Titan™ 575 Heat-Exchanger - 70 Gal.

Item # 750-010-741-10

  • It allows you to run tow wands, so you can take on those bigger cleaning jobs and you can get done twice as fast. 70 gallon Maxx-Air[TM] recovery tank.
  • Ignition: Electric keyless; SS, "S" bend 1.5" 2-jet wand
  • 4007 Dominator[TM] Tri-Lobe blower
  • Kubota[R] 32.5 HP engine; CleanMaster chemical starter kit
Manufacturer #750-010-741-10
  • Description

Incorporating the industry's first true water conservation system, it also can be inactive under a full vacuum load for as long as 40 minutes without wasting fresh water. That means you can move furniture or apply pre-conditioners without running to shut off your machine, and your fresh water and recovery tanks need to be filled and emptied less often. Chemical system: last-step chemical injection, meter controlled. Standard equipment: 100' 1/4" ID high pressure solution hose w/quick connections; 100' 2" vacuum hose; 5 gallon chemical jug; 50' freshwater inlet hose w/connector; 10', 1 1/2" wand whip line; solution pressure gauge (0-1500 psi); Vacuum gauge (0-30" Hg); pre-wired pump-in switch, pre-wired APO switch; water system drain valve; diverter valve (with ADC heat control); diverter/clutch package for flood work; electrical circuit protection; pump clutch switch; solution temperature control selector; van installation kit; battery box; operation and maintenance manual; embroidered HydraMaster jacket.