Hydro-Force™ Air King Blower/Air Mover

Item # AC081

  • Each unit draws only 1.0 amps on high setting. Maximum air velocity! Pushes air 50 feet from the unit!
  • Infinite number of blower head positions
  • Speed dry upholstery, carpet after cleaning & when spotting
  • Use to cool you while working in the heat
Manufacturer #AC081
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One 15 amp circuit will run 15 to 18 blowers! Simply plug one blower into the wall, then string more blowers, one plugged into another!

  • Flash dry hard surfaces after cleaning and mopping, or when applying floor finishes.
  • Plug other electrical tools directly into the Air King.
  • Flood restoration! Low amps + high air velocity + small size = quick structural drying.
  • Rugged, easy to carry handle.