Chemspec® Double Strength Inplant - 50 lb.

Chemspec® Double Strength Inplant - 50 lb.


  • Unique blend of detergents and surfactants allows quick and deep penetration into the fibers to emulsify and suspend soils.
50 lb., ea
Manufacturer #INDTBK
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Rugs dry very quickly, which helps prevent wicking and browning concerns.

Contains no fillers, is completely biodegradable and contains wide spectrum fiber brighteners. Rug is left bright and new looking which increases customer satisfaction.

  • Complete rinsing ensures cleaner and whiter fringes and less chance of browning.
  • Drying takes place evenly on both sides of rug. This prevents excessive wicking and reduces "browning" problems.
  • Dissolves readily in hot or cold water to form a clear solution.
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