Hydro-Force™ Viper Peroxiblast Powder Cleaner Degreaser

Item # CH48A

  • A synergistic product breakthrough that cleans and degreases even the grungiest concrete, tile and grout floors, fixtures, and walls.
  • Formulated with oxygen booster.
  • 7.5 lb.
7.5 lb., ea
Manufacturer #CH48A
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Cleans with a concentrated balance of surfactants and alkaline builders that are oxygen activated. This high performance, heavy-duty concrete, tile and grout cleaner and degreaser safely replaces mineral spirits and chlorinated solvent-based heavy-duty concrete degreaser products.

  • Penetrates concrete surfaces on contact to soften, lift, and remove a wide range of oils, soils, fats and greases.
  • The effervescent solution gets into every crevice, crack and pore to emulsify, dissolve and deflocculate even the most stubborn soiling.