Hydro-Force™ Viper Venom Powder w/Citrus - 6.5 lb Jar

Item # CR23A

  • A HOT, ultra concentrated high alkaline prespray. Starts to work on contact and uses its blend of solvents, surfactants and alkaline builders.
  • Dissolves grease and oil in minutes
  • Less foamy than typical tile and grout restoration prespray
6.5 lb Jar, ea
Manufacturer #CR23A
  • Description

Economical as it makes up to 25 ready to use gallons per jar for restoration cleaning and about 100 ready to use gallons for maintenance tile and grout cleaning. Dissolves easily and quickly in around 30 seconds. Pleasant blend of citrus fragrances (orange, lemon and lime) combined with their natural cleaning strength. Versatile and effective enough to be used on most hard surfaces at a 1 to 128 dilution which makes about 100 ready to use gallons of a General Purpose Cleaner.