Dri-Eaz® Surveymaster Handheld Moisture Meter

Item # F281

  • The Surveymaster offers two ways to monitor the moisture content of materials: penetrating pins and non-invasive radio frequencies.
  • LED and LCD display
  • 9V battery included
  • 6.8" L x 1.2" W × 1.9" D
Manufacturer #F281
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Use it to distinguish sub-surface from surface dampness, essential information when diagnosing the extent and cause of a moisture problem.

  • Detects moisture without making holes in materials, and independently of surface moisture.
  • Uses non-invasive radio frequencies to search for moisture behind finished materials like ceramic tile and vinyl flooring.
  • Penetrates materials with pin electrodes to take precise readings of moisture content in wood or Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) in other materials.
  • Get readings easily. A straightforward LCD and LED color-coded scale displays readings clearly and simply. Attach a hammer probe for even more precise, in-depth moisture readings.